Citizen of the Year

Each year the Norwell Chamber of Commerce honors a Norwell citizen of the Year.  The Chamber accepts nominations from Jan 1 through the first week in April for the current year. Announcements of the chosen citizen is mid-April, with the Annual Dinner celebrating the Citizen of the Year in May.

Qualities looked for are as follows:

  • A track record of volunteerism and public service to the town and citizens of the town
  • A person who has made a positive difference to the lives of fellow citizens
  • Someone who is dedicated to our town and concerned for others
  • A person who over the years has shown a willingness to work with other town residents and who is enthusiastic about the town and its citizens.
  • A person with the qualities of honesty and integrity

If you would like to nominate someone, please do so by sending your nomination to The Norwell Chamber of Commerce, PO Box 322 Norwell MA. or filling out the form below.

Please include with your nomination the reasons that you think this person should be The Citizen of the Year.

Nominate: Citizen of the Year

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Recent Winners

More Winners:

Wilma R Goodhue & Joan Mullare
Jean Snow & Robert Dwyer
Rebecca Freed
Richard Gaudette
Robert Currie *
Bill Armstrong*
Jack Carnes
Ted “Grumpy” Baldwin
Jan Litchfield*
Rick Merritt
Phil Joseph
Martha Twigg
Paul Jevne
Sally Mederos* and Eleanor Norris
Jeanne and Bill Garside
Susan Donahue
Dorothy Dickson
Joyanne and Jon Bond
Sue and Bob* Carson
Geoff Gordon
Jeff Helm
Kathy King Tedeschi
Betsy and Ralph Gordon
* denote deceased