Biz Bites – How to Supercharge Your Message to Attract More Business

1. Connect to your Story at the CORE
– Why do you do what you do?
– What is your passion?
– What are your core values, beliefs, vision?
When you are clear on your story, what goes below the surface of your brand, get to the “why” and share your passion, it can help you to make your message more client-attractive.
2. Understand the Science of Energy
– Heart energy vs. brain – existing and potential customers can “feel” it
– Create emotional and lasting connection by tapping into the limbic brain
When you make an emotional connection with your audience, they will be more loyal repeat customers and spend, on average, 20% more with you. They’ll also be your best sales force and referral base.
3. Optimize your Audience
– Dive deep into who they are – beyond demographics, include psychographics
– Tune-in and listen to why they need you
– Imagine how that affects them emotionally
– What solution do you provide?
– How do they align with you?
When you have a deep understanding of your target audience, it helps you to focus on
4. Revolutionize your message and imagery
– Find common ground with your customers & potential customers
– Tell a story rather than “sell”
– Use imagery that is unique, will stand out from competition and support the emotional connection you want to make
Connection and Communication is the catalyst for your success!
These are just a few key points from the CORE process that Laura Willis uses with her clients to create their Brand Manifesto, the foundation for their brand and all marketing for their business.
With over 20 years in advertising agencies and mid to large corporations in the greater Boston area, she brings real-world expertise to her clients to help them express their value and position them for greater success. If you’re looking at what the next steps are in your business or want to take it to the next level, call Laura at 781-953-4350 or email