2022 Business(es) of the Year: NVNA & Hospice and Friends of Norwell (Norwell Food Pantry)

NVNA and Hospice and Friends of Norwell are our 2022 businesses of the year.

NVNA and Hospice first opened in 1920 as the Norwell Visiting Nurse Association, bringing health service and education into the home and the community. Today the NVNA covers 27 communities on the south shore and offers home health, palliative, hospice care and public health services. As essential services, the NVNA and Hospice worked tirelessly throughout the last few years of the pandemic providing the community with support and health services. https://www.nvna.org/

You may know the Friends of Norwell as the Kids in Need Program, the holiday adopt a family program or the Norwell Food Pantry – they are all of these. For the last 25 years you can count on them to be there when families fall through the cracks. Another one of the groups that worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic to support the Norwell community. https://friendsofnorwell.org/

Join the Norwell Chamber of Commerce in celebrating our 2022 Citizen and Business of the Year recipients. There will be a cash bar, seated dinner and 505/50 raffle to raise money for the Norwell Chamber of Commerce scholarship fund.