2022 Citizen(s) of the Year: Bob & Peg Norris

Join the Norwell Chamber of Commerce in celebrating our 2022 Citizen and Business of the Year recipients. There will be a cash bar, seated dinner and 505/50 raffle to raise money for the Norwell Chamber of Commerce scholarship fund.

For over 50 years Bob and Peg have made Norwell their home. Bob was a lawyer in Boston and Hingham and Peg an English Professor at Massasoit Community College (both recently retired). Their four children Alison, Abby, Dan, and Joe all graduated from Norwell High School, and Bob and Peg now boast of eight grandchildren.

Throughout their lives in Norwell both Peg and Bob have been very active in the community; their scope is widespread, and hs touched the lives of many people in our town. They are both active campaigners for candidates running as Norwell Democrats for town, state and national offices; they can be seen supporting Simple Gesture, and Father Bill’s.  Some of Peg’s accomplishments include Chair of Norwell Beautification Committee since 2016 and longtime member; she is a founding member of the Norwell Improvement to the Community’s Ecology and Norwell Community Gardens. Peg is a lifetime member of the Norwell Historical Society and can often be seen volunteering at Norwell Public Library’s Fred the Shed.

Bob has also been involved in the Norwell Beautification Committee (treasurer since 2016) and the Historical Society. He has been Chair of the Norwell Historical Commission, twice President of the Historical Society and is a lifetime member. He has been Chair of the CPC for two years and a member for decades. He was also active with the Norwell VNA, now known as the NVNA and Hospice and was president of the board a few years back.

Outside of Norwell the Norrises are active members of St. Christine’s Church of Marshfield, volunteers with Sowing Seeds, an interfaith organization that provides a clothing bank, transportation, and financial assistance to Marshfield residents, and active leaders in the Cursillo Community since 1986. Bob has also been Secretary of the Paul Revere Memorial Association Board of Directors since 1975.


How would the Beautification Committee, Historical Commission, CPC, and Historical Society run without their steady guidance? Both Bob and Peg have quietly worked behind the scenes to keep so many town committees and local non-profits running smoothly–Peg with her editing abilities and gardening prowess and Bob with his legal know-how and ability to fix and tinker. It’s citizens like Bob and Peg who make Norwell the town it was, is sometimes, and can be again–they are kind, honest, and quietly hard-working, never craving the spotlight or looking for credit, just getting things done for the betterment of Norwell. I’m proud to nominate Bob and Peg Norris as Citizens of the Year for 2022.  Wendy B.